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An engaging and interactive training course to prevent sexual harassment

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Your People Just Want to Do Their Jobs - Empower Them to Do So!

What if your employees and managers were provided sexual harassment prevention training actually worthy of their time and your investment? Training that treats them like adults and professionals. Training that assumes they are in need of quality business information and not "sensitivity."

There finally is such a course: "Sexual Harassment Prevention: A Capitalist Perspective."

Eric Roberson is a 24-year attorney who has trained literally thousands of employees, managers, and executives on sexual harassment prevention law & practices. This vast, first-hand experience teaching and working with employees, managers, and executives has taught Eric the secret to sexual harassment prevention training that actually works.

Eric has discovered that people at work do not want to feel like the "thought patrol, or the "morality police." No! They just want to do their job. Unfortunately, they have never been taught the simple truth that sexual harassment in the workplace prevents people from doing their job.

Eric's training focuses on the detailed peer-reviewed financial evidence that shows sexual harassment in workplace destroys creativity, communication, and productivity; increases absenteeism and employee turnover, and literally costs employers tens of thousands of dollars every time it occurs.

Once employees and managers realize the value of human capital and the documented cost of a ignoring harassment, they are empowered to create a workplace free of sexual harassment.

Eric's presentations are fast-paced and narrative driven so that the information is understandable and the learning stays long after the seminar is over.

Your Instructor

Eric Roberson
Eric Roberson

An award-winning and energetic speaker, Eric has trained literally thousands of employees, managers, professionals, and executives on sexual harassment prevention.

What makes Eric’s sexual harassment prevention classes different?

1) Eric treats course participants as adults who want to do their jobs and do them well. Eric does not do “sensitivity training.” He does not talk down to you as if you are the next serial harasser in waiting. No, you will be treated as the professional you are.

2) Eric believes that people want to do their jobs. So, he provides the tools do them free of harassment.

3) Eric believes that it is good to admit that a job is to make goods or provide services at the most efficient manner possible to minimize costs and maximize profits.

4) Eric believes that once employees, managers, professionals and executives know the statistics that sexual harassment destroys productivity, curtails creativity, limits communication, and destroys unit cohesiveness, that all will be more likely to prevent harassment before it begins.

Eric is a graduate of Baylor University School of Law, cum laude, where he was on Law Review and in the Order of Coif. Eric’s 24-year legal career has combined employment law and civil litigation. Eric has trained employees from the factory floor to the board room. In the courtroom, Eric has gained jury verdicts for his clients in excess of $30 million and successfully defended employers from over $20 million in alleged employment damages.

Licensed to practice law since 1995, Eric currently is licensed in the United States Supreme Court; four US Circuit Courts of Appeal, ten US. District Courts across the nation, and in his home state of Texas.

A veteran of Operation Desert Shield, Eric served as a Naval Flight Officer flying A-6E Intruders from the carriers USS Independence and USS Constellation in Attack Squadron 196. Eric ended his naval career with 148 carrier landings, including 54 at night.

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The course starts now and end on your schedule! It is a completely self-paced online course - you decide when you start and when you finish.
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These courses are available across any and all devices you own. If you have multiple devices, you can move back and forth between them. When you or your employer purchases the course, you will receive a personal code that will remain effective until the end of your state's training cycle. For states without mandatory training, your code will remain effective until December 31st of the purchase year.
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